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Typical Bookkeeping and Accounting services would include the entry of accounting transactions: vendor bills, customer invoices, bill payments, customer payments and deposits, other disbursements and withdrawals.  Our service maintains complete and up-to-date detailed accounts receivable, accounts payable and cash account ledgers and provides daily, weekly or monthly reports on these and other critical areas of business management.  Our services include payroll processing or making the necessary entries to record payroll processed by a third-party provider. In either case, payroll entries will include complete recording of gross wages, employer tax and other payroll expenses, and payroll liabilities.  Our services are customized to what you actually need.


Typical Service Includes;


Accounts payable (bills and payments)

Accounts receivables (invoices and collection)

General ledger maintenance

Time tracking & job cost reporting

Payroll processing

Expense classification

Sales commissions

Sales and use tax filing

Bank account reconciliation

Credit card reconciliation


Typical financial reports would include;


Balance Sheet

Profit and Loss Statement – Month

Profit and Loss Statement – YTD

Profit and Loss Statement by Class – Month

Profit and Loss Statement by Class – YTD

Cash Flow Statement

Accounts Receivable Aging

Accounts Payable Aging

Prepaid Expenses by Vendor

Expenses by Vendor

Revenues by Customer

General Ledger



Our outsourced, part-time controller services are specifically designed to suit the more advanced needs of growing businesses.  Our controller services keeps track of overseeing all client accounts, providing timely insights and financial advice, and carrying out proactive account management.  Our Controller services oversee all work completed by either your company’s bookkeeping staff or our in-house team members.  Our controller services close client books on a monthly or quarterly basis and provide consultations on a wide variety of client matters.


Typical tasks our Controller service include;


Management of accounting and bookkeeping processes

Cash flow management and projections

Accounting documentation, including processes, procedures and operations manuals

Job costing and inventory tracking

Key metric benchmarking

Third party accounting software selection and implementation

Financial Reporting and oversight of month-end closings

Audit preparation and advisory service

Custom Reporting

Inventory management

Work in process (WIP)

Foreign banking management

Fixed asset management

1099 forms

Tax & Audit support




Through our affiliate relationship with CFO Connect, LLC, ( we can provide you with access to high level CFO Advisory Services.  Their CFO's are seasoned experts in guiding company financial strategies.

Typical CFO advisory services may include;


Accounting Operations


Cash management

Hiring, training, and developing accounting staff

Accounting software selection and implementation

Financial reporting

Corporate governance, internal controls, and procedures



Financial analysis of product/line/business profitability


Risk Management


Establishing programs with risk management professionals to establish adequate insurance coverage


Credit & Collections


Reviewing and improving credit and collections functions


Audit & Tax Management


Leading and managing external audit and tax preparation activities


Capital Formation & Structure


Business plan preparation and presentation

Managing the procurement of private equity, venture capital, and bank financing

Coordinating the management team and external capital providers to establish appropriate valuations, term sheets, and equity structures

Road show participation

Spearheading the due diligence process

Directing external legal and audit activities around private offerings

International Operations


Letters of credit

Customs and duties

Duty drawback

Maquiladora operations

International subsidiary formation

Business relations in Asia and Europe


Information Technology


Supervising the IT function and coordinating with outside providers to ensure adequate IT services

Accounting software selection and implementation

Human Resources


Overseeing the Human Resources function

Compensation and benefits review

Company policies and procedures


Investor and Bank Relations


Managing all financial matters with banks and investors

Domestic and international bank loan facilities




Conducting financial due diligence of potential acquisition targets


Board Advisory Services


Assisting Board of Directors on financial matters

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