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"I recommended CFO Connect® for one of my portfolio companies. They delivered the results that I expected, and served as a trusted member of the team. They instilled financial discipline in a high growth environment, and helped to organize the founding team for success."

- Marco Thompson

Managing Director, Express Ventures

"CFO Connect® has been an outstanding addition to our team at CineForm. They have worked as our part-time CFO for 5 years during which time their guidance and financial leadership has helped us navigate through numerous financing and strategic negotiations. CFO Connect®'s outsourced CFO model is perfect for small businesses that need the experience of a seasoned CFO but don't have the full-time need."

- David Taylor

CEO, CineForm, Inc.

"The best part of having a part-time CFO at the head of our biotech startup was that we as scientists could entrust our growth to an expert who had our best interests in sight while we focused on the science and technology, ultimately creating value for our company."

- Miguel De Los Rios

CEO, Chimeros, Inc.

"CFO Connect® provides our company with board services. Their insight and experience with complex business situations has been invaluable. They are a great resource for our company."

- Brian Ganz

CEO, Let's Go Robotics, Inc.

"CFO Connect® provides part-time CFO services for two companies I'm affiliated with. We enjoy their expertise and efficiency as seasoned CFO's who can take care of all our financial needs from raising equity, attending board meetings, shareholder meetings, working with auditors, lawyers, bankers and even buying companies. I highly recommend CFO Connect® to any start-up organization looking for financial expertise."

- Cam Gallagher

CEO, Nerveda, Inc.

"It's not enough to have a good idea. You have to have a unique approach and the right people to make it happen. CFO Connect® brought us the missing link: the detail-oriented financial leader to work with and coordinate Management and vendors. Our CFO not only broadened our perspectives but also heightened our fiscal potential."

- Andy Moulds

Principal, LaunchPoint

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